Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Fall Sunday dinner table............

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Bet this finds you scurrying about
 getting ready for Thanksgiving......and
 maybe doing a little Christmas shopping
 as well.

We have been doing both, got all the
Thanksgiving grocery shopping done
and some Christmas shopping and
have even put up our Christmas tree
already.....this will be the first time in
 47 yrs. that our Christmas tree was
up this early.....but we are having a
Christmas party here the middle of
December, and I am not into stress,
so........since hubby is off all week
 and we already knew what we 
wanted to do with our tree this
year......cause we were inspired
 by Lucy over at Craftberry Bush, 
 so we tried to copycat her tree from 
the cover of Romantic homes...and
 have to say we are hap hap happy
 as can be with it.......and I think
 hubby is more excited than I am for
a change, as he really participated
 in doing it all too,  so that was really 
nice as he usually put her up and puts
 the lights on, but doesn't get too
 involved with the decorating process.
 Now that we have had a new tree the
 last few years that already has the lights
 on it,  it has made putting up the tree
 super fast in comparison to our old tree.
2 Nights VS 2 hours, so no wonder
 he is feeling more inclined to do some
 decorating and have to say he is quite
 good at it....lol

I have had these pics from back in
 October, but just never had a chance
 to post them, so today is the right time.  
There are lots of pictures cause I didn't
 have time to go thru them, crop or get
 choosy with them.....
I just posted them all.  lol

So hope it is not too overwhelming!! lol

Lil darlings place............

Used my new pumpkin plates
combined with my shabby chic plates.

Green glassware

It is sort of a subtle Fall table

With napkins in green, gold and brown.

Have really enjoyed these cream
pumpkins over the years.

and these gold mercury glass candle
 holders leftover from Dee and Jerry's 
wedding reception 6 yrs. ago,  always 
come in handy for Fall and Winter.

Changed my mind and decided
 to use the Brown glasses cause
thought they went better with
the centerpc candles, and also
nice I can put them in the dish
washer too....lol

Well, there you have it......
and hope something might 
just inspire you with your
Thanksgiving table.........

Have a great rest of the week


keep your light shining brightly.

Love, Hugs, and 
Thanksgiving Blessings,


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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Quotes to Ponder

Happy Sunday
Sweet Friends,

Leaving a quote from the dear lady
I told you about in my Thankful Post.
If  you would like to hear about her,
 Just click here  and read thankful

"If righteousness is in the heart
-there will be beauty in the character;

If beauty is in the character 
-there will be harmony in the home;

if harmony is in the home
-there will be order in the nation;

If order is in the nation
-there will be peace in the world."

By Mary Crowley

I think she is right.....cause it seems
to me that every since they started
kicking God out of schools and every
 place else they can think of ...
our country has become less and 
less harmonious and peaceful!
and there is certainly no beauty
character or righteousness in that!!

Happy Pondering!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday November 16, 2017, scenes from Fall's Past #8

 “Praise be to the name of God 
for ever and ever;
 wisdom and power are his."
Daniel 2:20 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you having some
cool weather.

It is a cool 60 degrees here right now,
 and if you have visited here much
 you know how I love those cooler 
temps, so they make me a hap hap
 happy woman!  lol  Course, it will
 get up to 76 today, and then cool 
off later around 5 pm.

Pictures today are from Fall's
past again...........hope you enjoy
them,  and will get on with my
post since I am a lil late.

I am thankful

that we discovered the nachos at Tijuana
Flats this week.........oh my goodness 
they are soooo good and filling!  lol

for a fun Sunday evening celebrating 
our son's Belated 40th birthday with 
a nice dinner. We all enjoyed the 
time together very much as always.

for a new salad my daughter and
 I came up with, that was a hit 
for the birthday dinner. 

that it looks like we are gonna
be able to keep all our Drs. that
we now have, once we go on 
medicare next year.....that was
 really great to hear......

for my first pot of Chili of the
season.........it was sooo good
especially since we haven't
had it since last Winter.

for a cute but easy craft idea I saw
 that I can make as gifts for our 
young marrieds class Christmas
party.......can't wait to try it out.

for a dear christian lady named
Mary Crowley whom I never met
in person, but was greatly inspired
by.....she was the creator and owner 
of a party plan business that I used
to work for over 30 yrs ago, called
 "Home Interiors and Gifts", 
and she was such a genuine, loving, 
talented, smart and generous lady, 
and I owe a lot of my decorating and 
floral arranging skills to her and her
company and other employees, and
 many spiritual incites as well......
I happened to come across a quote
 book that I have from her, so decided 
to look her up online, and found she 
had passed away only a few years after 
I quit working with Home Interiors. 
 She passed away from cervical cancer, 
 and she left behind the Mary Crowley
cancer Institute in Texas...
I also found a video about her life, she 
had a rags to riches story,  so worth 
hearing, and such an inspiration.

So just click here to hear it.

for FEMA and that they finally were 
able to pick up all the hurricane debri
 in our area. It is nice not to see all these
 huge piles of debri sitting everywhere
 and very nice to be able to back out of 
our driveway without fear of being hit
by a vehicle because we have poor

for a fun night out shopping and
dining with hubby. We really get
a kick out of seeing all the Christ-
mas decorations and we found
a few new things at dollar tree
 to change up our tree a lil this
 year.  Hoping it comes out the
 way we hope for!  lol

for a short afternoon nap which
gave me the energy to go out 
after having lil darling for most
of the day.  She and I had a fun
day as usual............

for candles and the warmth and
delight of burning them on a
cold morning or evening. They
just add a warmth to the house
that is special.........and they
are burning as I write!!  lol

for clean jokes and laughter.
If you could use a few smiles
or laughs today Just
Click here

Happy you could come by to visit
today,  and hope you have a lovely
Weekend with those you hold

Love, Hugs and
Mid November Blessings,


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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fun things to use for Fall decorating part 5

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you and yours are doing fine.

We are fine over here, starting to turn our
 thoughts more towards Thanksgiving now
 that Scott's birthday and our Anniversary
 are sufficiently celebrated. November
is a busy month for us, so pretty much
 try to take one event at a time.....and
if I can get a headstart on something
else, that is bliss..........lol
Course, it is all bliss really as I enjoy
it all......but even better when I get 
a lil ahead on things.   lol

Thought I would show you some
other fun things to use for Fall
decorating, and highlight some
I've already shown you in past
 posts........by italics.

If you missed part 4
just click here and it will also
take you back to the others
as well.

Showing our sofa table today.........
that was built by my step brother for
us as a gift many years ago, and we
have loved it........keep my seasonal
napkins in these drawers....

Something else I enjoy using for fun

Here I just put a simple pumpkin
underneath, but you can put all
sort of things under these glass domes
to really highlight them.

and you can see I used a make
shift cake plate to use for

a natural element - found this
lovely treasure in a bush at my
daughter's backyard in the Spring,
so since I had already decorated
for Spring I saved it for Fall.

added some faux berries

and Pumpkin sprinkles for eggs.

and here is a lovely and Free
Fall Printable
from Ann over at On Suttons place.
Just click on the above link to visit her
She is all about Christmas now, but
am sure you will be enjoy your visit

Candle jar lids

Due to the way the printable fit in my
 frame it looked a lil bare at the bottom
so I  just attached a mini candle jar lid
to the glass and some pumpkin sprinkes

Children's earplugs
(that they use for swimming)

I attached the jar lid with you
 guessed it.......Kid's earplugs, 
it was a great lil discovery....cause last 
year everything I tried kept falling off
 the glass cause the lid is hollow inside 
and not much of an edge left to attach
 anything to and tried making something
to stick in the recessed area........but it
kept falling off too, but lil these earplugs
 have worked like a champ......lol

FYI.....the lid came off a candle from 
Bath and Body works/white barn candles.
It is a copper embossed leaf,  much too
pretty to toss out...........I have a number
of them and one day I am going to put
them in a frame to make a nice looking
art piece..........I noticed they are making
lots more of pretty lids this year too.

Disclaimer:  I get no kickbacks or perks for 
saying anything about these companies,
 it is all said from  my experience.

Paper doily leaves

Just happened on these pretty leaves
 some years back at the dollar tree.....
need to see if they have any more as 
I have about used them all up, and
they make a great filler piece to fill
in the wall if a pic is too small.....
I just roll some masking tape and 
stick on the back and then stick them
to the wall.  Easy Peasy!  

Burlap Runner

I discovered burlap in blogland
of course, but came across this
lovely burlap and lace table runner
at Wally World a few years back,
and loved it......it adds beauty and
warmth to my table tops.  I cut
it into pcs. so I could use it in
several areas, and it worked

Here is lots of fun things I have already 
mentioned before.

Books,  pumpkins, paper leaves,
burlap runner and fruit and 
below faux flowers.

With the lights out......

and with my other new
distinctly Fall Pillow

Lights on............

and somebody is home....

Why it's me and hubby!  lol

Sorry ~ know it's corny but
just couldn't resist!

Hope you had some fun while
you were here.........

and hope you have a great
rest of the week.

Love, Hugs, and
Mid November Blessings,


Thanksgiving will be here before
we know it..............

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Quotes to Ponder

Happy Sunday
Sweet Friends,

Here is the quote of the day!

"Duty makes us do things well,
but LOVE makes us do them

by Phillip Brooks

Happy Pondering!


Friday, November 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday November 9, 2017, scenes from Falls past #7

Let them give thanks to the LORD
 for his unfailing love and
 his wonderful deeds for mankind,
Psalm 107:8

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you having nice 
cool Fall weather......we are back
to cooler temps again and it feels
 glorious.  Think I might just have
 to open the windows today and
 let some of it in.
Cool weather makes me feel
 frisky, how about you??

I am thankful

for a really great movie we
watched from the Hallmark
chanel called "Away and Back"
Love these movies as they
just warm the cockles of
our hearts!

that we have a new couple in
our young marrieds class.

for our new sonicare toothbrushes.....
they do a great job and your teeth 
feel so clean and shiny.......

for a sweet and very creative Mom 
with a special needs child who did
 this really special and fun thing for
 her little girl.......

or type it in yourself,

that our kids all had a really 
good time in Asheville celebrating
my sons 40th birthday.

for my sweet hubby of 47 years.
Tuesday was our Anniversary
and we both said we would do
it all over again.....we have had
many many happy times and
years of life.  I can truthfully 
say because of the Lord, our
 happy times definitely far out-
weigh our times of difficulty.
If it were not for the Lord, we
might have divorced at the
10 year mark.  If you would
like to read our story.....

Click here.  How we met.

and here for the rest of
the story.
Click here.

These 2 posts were both written the
 first year I started blogging and that 
was in 2009, and if you only have
 time to read one of them, I would 
suggest you read the 2nd one,
 the rest of the story.......

for the nice evening we had out
celebrating our Anniversary, we
kicked off our Christmas shopping
and went to dinner at Carrabas
and we had the whole restaurant
to ourselves practically, so that
was quite peaceful and lovely.

#8 and #9
that I was able to pick up a copy
of Romantic Homes Christmas
addition that featured Lucy's home
over at the Craftberry Bush, and
I was excited to see her Christmas
tree from last year that hubby and
I loved and thought we would
like to do this year,  but of course,
had forgotten all about it, so now
we are quite excited about trying
it.....cause if you have followed
me for long you know I love to
decorate for Christmas but I am
not thrilled about decorating 
Christmas trees....so this is a
perfect idea for me........

Check it out here

when you get there,  you need to scroll
 down and look at the back issues
 looking for the November 2017 issue

for Ghiradelli dark chocolate
Cherry Tango candy bars.
They are the bomb......
We recently found some and 
hadn't seen them in a long time,
and found some at the Wally World
neighborhood market and they only
 had 2 left, so we got them but they
 are about gone....lol
So I just found them on the Wally
 World website which made me
 a happy girl.  Whoo Hoo!

#11 and 12
for all those veterans out there,
and for all our military men
and women who are in active
service. May God Richly bless
each of you and your family
for your service to our country.

Also thankful for all the nice
things I have noticed that 
different Companies are doing
for our Veterans. Texas Road
House is giving them free lunch
on Sat., Bed bath and beyond is
giving 25% off your whole pur-
chase, and my hubbies Co. is
doing a luncheon for them to-
morrow, so my hubby is going.
I have seen other things too,
just can't remember them all,
but we can thank President
Trump for his boost to our
country's patriotism these
What a blessing to see!

Well,  there you have it folks
another week at Cozy Place.

Happy you could stop in....

Have a great weekend,


Keep your light shining

Love,  Hugs and
cool weather blessings,


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